Stefan Pal - Personal Trainer in London


'Stefan is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm - everyone should have a Stefan!' - client in West Hampstead

'Stefan seems to know every conceivable exercise for every body-part and yet each week, he still comes up with a new exercise to try - this keeps the program fresh and continually enjoyable.' - client in St John's Wood

'I've trained with Stefan for a year and seen huge results. He has so much energy, you could plug him into the national grid and save the country millions.' - client in Swiss Cottage

'Stefan is hugely positive, full of energy and is highly respectful. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and has an enormous amount of knowledge. He tailored my program and listens and responds to my needs. I'd recommend him to anyone.' - client in Hendon

Stefan Pal
Tel: 07521453031 - Designed by MooCentreal (c)2012email: stefan@stefanpal.comtwitter: @paltraining
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